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Hotel Hallway

Book a Waterton Hotel for Your Summer Getaway!

Hotel HallwayMany individuals choose to skip going away for a summer vacation and choose to take part in a ‘staycation.’ That may change for residents of our Oceanside apartments as we now offer a new amenity this summer – discounted rooms at Waterton managed hotels. The ability to save money could entice people to pass on the staycation and actually plan a summer getaway to Massachusetts, Ohio or one of the other amazing states that has a Waterton managed hotel.

How to Redeem the Special Waterton Hotel Rate

Waterton manages residential communities, such as River Oaks, as well as hotels. As a resident of River Oaks, you get access to the lowest rates available at Waterton managed hotels! It is extremely easy to redeem the special rate offered to Waterton guests. All you have to do is book your hotel by phone by calling the special number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate. This will allow you to have access to the great discounted rates that are available to all residents of our Waterton communities.

How Much Can Be Saved Using the Waterton Corporate Rate Discount?

Discounts will vary depending upon when you are traveling, what days you are staying, and what Waterton hotel you choose. Discounts can vary from dramatically reduced weekend or weekday rates to a certain percentage off the best available rate.

Start Planning Your Summer Getaway Today

Now that you know you can get awesome rates at Waterton managed hotels just because you are a resident at River Oaks, you can start planning your summer getaway. Keep in mind that special summer rates are only good now until August 31, 2017, so don’t wait! In addition, please make note that prices are subject to change and based on availability. For your reference, our hotels and rates are listed below:

Starting from $49.00: Comfort Inn Piqua in Ohio

Starting from $89.00: Aloft Beachwood in Ohio and DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport in Pennsylvania

Starting from $99.00: Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough in Massachusetts, Sheraton Madison in Wisconsin and DoubleTree Skokie in Illinois

Starting from $139 weekdays and $99 weekends: Courtyard Boston Marlborough in Massachusetts

Starting from $159 weekdays and $99 weekends: Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in California, Sheraton Framingham in Massachusetts, and Westin Columbus in Ohio

20% off best available rate: Hyatt Place San Jose in California

The Amazing Benefits That You Receive When You Choose to Call River Oaks Home

Receiving a discounted rate at Waterton managed hotels is just one of the amazing amenities you will have access to when you choose to make River Oaks your new home. Other amenities residents of our Oceanside apartments have access to include two playgrounds and picnic areas, two pools and two spas and four community barbecue areas. Call us to schedule a tour of our apartment community!

Variety of Succulents

5 Unique Ways to Display Succulents

Variety of SucculentsSucculents are versatile, hardy plants that have a great deal of personality. If you’re in the process of making changes to the ambiance of your apartment in Oceanside, you should consider adding succulents to the picture. Not only do they add greenery to your place, they also add interesting forms and textures. Following are just five of the many ways that you can display succulents in your apartment.

Use a Tall, Wrought-Iron Plant Stand

Jade plants and other succulents provide fabulous focal points when placed on elegant plant stands and displayed against a wall. These plants have so many points of aesthetic interest such as dramatic thorns and unusually shaped leaves that can stand alone as specimen pieces, so keep the plant simple to better showcase the plant itself. Sophisticated wrought-iron is an excellent choice. For a stunning vertical accent, consider using a snake plant.

Use a Colorful Pot

Is your apartment crying out for vibrant splashes of color? If so, repot that succulent you bought into something bright and colorful. Choose a mono-colored pot or go for something painted or patterned for an instant interior brightening effect. For a festive atmosphere, display several succulents in a row in pots of different colors and patterns.

Let it Hang

Succulents aren’t usually considered when it comes to hanging baskets, but certain types of succulents make fabulous statements when grown this way. Low-growing varieties such as sedum will spill over and hang from the basket, while jade plants will grow dramatically outward and upward.

Make an Interior Windowbox

Mix and match your favorite types of succulents in an interior window box. They’ll thrive in the light while only requiring a minimal amount of water and care.

Place a Pot of Succulents on Your Doorstep

If you like the idea of being greeted with greenery when you arrive home from a long day at work or school, get a big pot, fill it with succulents, and place it on the side of your doorstep. Most types do quite well when grown outdoors — just make sure the area you’ve chosen isn’t too shady.

Please contact our office for more information about our available Oceanside apartments.

Coffee at a Cafe

Best Coffee Shops in Oceanside to Try This Summer

Coffee at a CafeThere is nothing like being in a neighborhood with a coffee shop that you can trust for a great cup of joe and conversation before work. Here are a few of your best choices in Oceanside, California to try this summer.

Brown Cup

This coffee shop is known for having one of the friendliest staffs in the area. You can get your coffee to go weekly or hang out on the comp couches with a group of your colleagues before work. Think laid-back and super friendly!

Rain or Shine Coffee Company

When these people say “rain or shine,” they mean it. This is a family-run company that gives incredible service and a kind word to everyone along with some of the best coffee in the area.

Pier View Coffee Company

This is a place for cheap coffee that does not skimp on the strength. You can get some incredibly deep brews here, but you will not have to pay a great deal of money to partake. Expect a lot of taste that is unforgiving, but definitely an acquired delicacy that you will learn to love.

Succulent Cafe

This cafe gets nothing but great reviews from the locals and tourists alike. You will never hear a bad word about any of the coffee or the service that comes from this place. You can always stop in for consistency and a good conversation with one of the neighborhood regulars!

Come On Over Cafe

This is a hole in the wall cafe that gives you not only coffee but also a great little selection of sandwiches. You may be surprised by the amount of choices that you have on the menu, seeing as the cafe is small and cozy. However, what they do not put into the floor space they definitely put into the food. You can actually come here for a great lunch as well as for morning coffee—the sandwich selection that they have is really that good.

Find the ideal apartments in Oceanside right next to your favorite coffee shop. Give us a call today to learn more about our available one- and two-bedroom apartment homes.

River Oaks Upgraded Kitchen

How to Care for Granite Countertops

River Oaks Upgraded KitchenGranite countertops look great, and select apartments in Oceanside include them because of their popularity. If your floor plan comes with them, you’re sure to be impressed by their appearance. However, without proper care, a granite countertop can become scratched and dingy. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to care for them properly so that this doesn’t happen.

How Can Granite Get Scratched?

In almost all cases, it isn’t actually the stone that gets the scratches. Instead, it’s the finish that is put on it to give it that deep shine. Therefore, preventing scratches is a matter of taking care of the finish. Do this by always making sure to use mild, non-abrasive cleansers on your countertops. Refrain from scrubbing too hard, also. Strong scrubbing can scratch the finish even if the cleanser would normally be considered mild.

How Can Granite Get Discolored or Dingy?

Typically, this happens when some sort of harmful liquid or wet paste, such as tomato sauce, penetrates the finish of the granite. The granite itself is porous, so whatever makes it through will soak in and never come out. Since these stains truly are permanent, prevention is essential. Avoid using any acidic fluids or pastes directly on the countertop, and if any spill from your bowls or other containers, wipe them up immediately so that they can’t make it through the finish. Be wary of cleansers, too: as noted in the prior section, acidic or abrasive ones can harm the finish.

General Cleaning of Your Granite Countertops

Always use a mild, non-acidic, non-abrasive cleanser to preserve the finish on the granite. Pair this with a soft rag to avoid scratches. Ultra-mild cleansers usually aren’t too great at removing material that has been allowed to sit and dry, so be sure to wipe up all spills immediately. This will ensure that you won’t have to try to scrub and possibly scratch the counters’ finishes.

Granite countertops are available in select floor plans here at River Oaks. To see available apartments with this feature, just stop by our office. We’ll be glad to show them to you.

Avocado Toast

Our Favorite Avocado Toast Recipes

Avocado ToastThe avocado, also called an alligator pear because of its shape, appearance and texture of its skin, packs so much inside that humble exterior. It is high in healthy fat and nutrients, plus it’s oh-so-delicious. One great way to enjoy this fruit is by transforming it into an avocado toast recipe. Here are some of our absolute favorites. See if you agree that these are ideal options when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

Corn off the Cob

First up is this ideal combination of flavors, colors and textures. Mash up avocado and place that on your favorite kind of toasted bread, then top with frozen or fresh corn pieces plus a splash of lime and/or lemon juice. Also, add a little chopped red onion for even more flavor. Our Oceanside apartments have cozy kitchens that provide all you need to whip up recipes like this one.

Juicy Tomatoes

This recipe couldn’t get any easier or tastier. Once you have spread mashed avocado on toast, add some sliced ripe tomatoes of any type plus fresh basil and a sprinkle of unrefined sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Also, add some mozzarella cheese for even more of an Italian flair.

Twist on Salsa

At any time of the day, chips and salsa make for a fun and satisfying option. For this recipe, mash avocado and place it onto toasted bread. Then top with your favorite salsa and some crumbled up tortilla chips. The result: Yummy and crunchy.

Delightful Berries

You might be surprised at how wonderful avocados and berries taste together. For this recipe, simply place mashed avocado onto toasted bread. Then top with fresh, ripe strawberry slices. Also, try mixing some powdered cacao or cocoa into the mashed avocado.

Make sure you use avocados that are ripe but not overly so. Preferably use organic ingredients in your recipes. Try various types of bread and bagels for a nice variety. Now that you have all these mouth-watering and simple recipes, you need a great kitchen in which to prepare them. If you are looking for apartments in Oceanside, call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.

Lake and Kayak

3 Weekend Getaway Ideas You’ll Love Enjoying

Lake and KayakWe know you enjoy living at River Oaks and all of the benefits here. Yet, sometimes, you just need a few days to get away and see something new and interesting. When you live in our apartments in Oceanside, you have easy access to a variety of fun weekend getaways. Where should you go and what should you do?

Getting Away for the Weekend

These three weekend getaway ideas are just the start of the options available to you. Why not choose to spend a weekend away each month exploring a new area of California or even beyond?

1. Spend a Staycation in San Diego

Book a weekend trip to downtown San Diego. Choose one of the downtown hotels where you’ll find everything from rooftop bars to some incredible art. You can then spend the weekend enjoying the beaches. The high-end hotels here are all about pampering guests.

2. Make the Trip to Sonoma Valley

When the bustle of the city is just too much, head to peaceful, beautiful Sonoma Valley. It’s a bit more affordable than Napa and it offers some incredible natural amenities. You’ll love the thermal mineral ponds here. You can also choose a wine tour and enjoy dinner in a romantic location overlooking the water.

3. Head to Lake Tahoe

It’s a bit of a drive, but it can be well worth it. The Sierra Mountain Peaks tower above you, providing incredible views. You can still golf (there’s a golf course high up in the mountains to enjoy). You can also enjoy fantastic dining, a massage and spa treatment, and lots of outdoor excursions. There are numerous resort locations here that can make a weekend away give you the break you need.

Finding it all Close to Home

When you live in our apartments in Oceanside, you have access to some of the best the area has to offer. Even better, a weekend getaway like this can take you to all types of landscapes and cities. If you want to have resort-like amenities at your new home, call to schedule a tour of our available floor plans at River Oaks. You’ll enjoy every minute of your time here and may not need too many trips away.

Surfboard at the Beach

Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

Surfboard at the BeachNow that the weather is warming up, you probably have the urge to go to the beach. Before you go anywhere, you need to make sure you have properly planned for the entire day so you can have fun and not worry about anything except when you will go back to the beach again. Use these tips to make the most of your beach day.

Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

  • Bring your sunscreen. No matter what, you need to make sure you have plenty of sunscreen for the day. You do not want to have to go home early because you got a sunburn and then spend the next few days taking care of it. Don’t just bring it, though. Make sure you also reapply it every hour for maximum protection.
  • Put items in Ziploc bags. Bring a lot of Ziploc bags so you can keep your valuables in them and protect them from the sand and water. Put things in the Ziploc bags such as your cell phone or tablet.
  • Bring water and snacks. You should bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Since you will be out in the sun, you will be more thirsty so make sure you have plenty. You should also make sure to bring snacks. Even if you will only be there a few hours, you want to make sure you are prepared for anything, including hunger that could cut your trip short.
  • Bring extra towels. It always seems that when you go to the beach you do not ever have enough towels. A towel may become soaking wet or your towels may have a lot of sand on them. You should prepare for this possibility and have some extras waiting for you in the car in case you need them.
  • Use a cooler. A cooler is a great thing that you can use to your advantage. If you want to keep your drinks or snacks cold, you should consider using a cooler. This will help you be able to stay at the beach much longer.

If you are looking for a new apartment in Oceanside, be sure to stop by our office today. We can take you on a tour and let you know what we currently have available.

Ragdoll Cat

5 Cat Breeds That Love to Cuddle

Ragdoll CatFew pleasures in life are as simple and comforting as cuddling up next to a softly purring cat. If you are looking for a feline friend that can never get enough quality cuddling time, be sure to check out these five breeds:


These fluffy kitties are quiet and docile, and they love affection in the form of physical contact. In other words, they’re the perfect snuggle buddy.


Tonkinese cats are considered by many to be the most friendly, lovable breed that you can find. These beautiful, short-furred cats love to play and cuddle all day long, and for that reason, they are one of the tops breeds that you could purchase.


Just based on their lovely, thick fur alone, Persian cats would make the list of the best cats to cuddle up next to, but Persian cats also have a wonderful, friendly attitude to back up their huggable appearance. Few cats love jumping up in laps and purring contently as much as Persian cats, and these gorgeous animals make a great addition to any family.


Ragdoll cats have sweet and lovable written all over them, and they enjoy nothing more than to follow you around and snuggle with you at every opportunity they get. If you are searching for a cute-looking cat that will cuddle and purr all day long, Ragdoll cats are an excellent option for you to consider.


These cats may not be the first breed that comes to mind due to their lack of fur, but the truth is, Sphynx cats love to cuddle. They especially enjoy snuggling up next to people underneath a blanket, and they are among the sweetest, friendliest breeds you will find.

Nothing beats coming home from work to a lovable pet who is excited to see you, and the five cat breeds listed above are the most lovable there are. If you would like to snuggle up next to your new cat and watch a movie from a peaceful, beautiful new apartment home, we hope that you will consider our Oceanside apartments and contact us today with any questions you may have.

Burger and French Fries

The Best Restaurants in Oceanside

Burger and French FriesLiving in Oceanside has many advantages, including the mild climate and gorgeous beaches. Another advantage is the local food scene, which includes a variety of restaurants for any taste and budget. Here are some of the highest rated and best eateries in town to check out:

The Beach Break Cafe

Open for breakfast and lunch only, the Beach Break Cafe is known for the surfboards hanging on the walls and its banana crunch French toast. Breakfast is served all day—well, until the joint closes at 2 p.m.—and you can get a large omelette, one of a variety of hearty sandwiches, or a burger, as well as one of their breakfast specialties. The line can get long but is reduced by a coffee station where you can serve yourself on the honor system.

Ty’s Burger House

Sometimes you just crave a burger. Ty’s is Oceanside’s local burger house. Not a chain, and if you prefer something other than beef in your bun, you can get venison, buffalo or even wild boar (with poached pears and mushrooms). The non-burger types can get a melt or a wrap, and they also serve salads. They do have a vegetarian option too.

333 Pacific

Because you are, after all, by the sea – 333 Pacific is surf and turf right by the pier, with the emphasis on surf. The menu includes sea scallops, Icelandic cod and Alaskan king crab, as well as local fresh fish. Turf enthusiasts can enjoy a good steak or a rack of lamb. Vegetarians have a couple of options with falafel and risotto. Or go all the way comfort food with lobster mac and cheese. The bar is known for its excellent cocktails.

Felix’s BBQ With Soul

Southern style delights—the catfish nuggets are well known—and hickory-smoked barbecue. Felix offers Sunday brunch and southern hospitality all week, including live music if you time it right.

All of these, and many other great restaurants, are within easy striking distance of River Oaks apartments in Oceanside, offering one- and two-bedroom apartment homes in a convenient location with great amenities. Contact us to find out more!

Place Setting

How to Host A Stress-Free Dinner Party

Place SettingIf you’re new to apartment living, you’re probably looking forward to throwing your very first dinner party. If you’re like most people who are new to entertaining others in their home, you may also be feeling apprehensive. Fortunately, advance planning and other strategies are available to help residents of apartments in Oceanside, CA, minimize the stress of preparing and servicing dinner in their apartments. Following are just four of the many ways you can keep stress levels low and ensure that a good time has been had by everyone.

Stick With the Tried-and-True

Even if you’re a crack chef, hosting a dinner party isn’t the time t experiment with new recipes. Sticking with something you know will turn out well every time prevents last minute mishaps when something doesn’t turn out as planned. Cooking items you know well also lets you relax and enjoy the preparation process instead of worrying about how things will come out.

Make a Playlist

Creating a playlist in advance of the party prevents awkward moments fussing with the music. Being able to start the music and forget about it for the rest of the night may seem like a small thing, but it helps keep the mood consistent. Be sure to match the music to your guests — if your grandmother’s coming, for instance, save the hip hop for another time. A great way to signal that the party’s winding down is to save the slowest tunes for last.

Ask Guests About Allergies and Dietary Preferences

Few things put a damper on what should otherwise be a good dinner party faster than guests whose dietary restrictions or allergies make it impossible to enjoy the food you’ve prepared. Always asks guests in advance if they’re allergic to anything or have any non-flexible dietary restrictions.

Prepare the Dessert Ahead of Time

You’ll want to relax and enjoy the company of your friends with coffee or a cocktail after the dinner is over instead of fussing with dessert, so prepare the grand finale of your dinner party in advance.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience for more helpful tips and tricks on enjoying apartment life.

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